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Sky Fitness Fire is a product of Sky Fitness LLC. We have provided online personal training services to a wide variety of clients, all with unique goals. Sky Fitness Fire was developed with the needs of first responders in mind, providing workouts and fitness programs that support the specific need of firefighters to perform their jobs at a high level. With Sky Fitness Fire we aim to educate the fire service on safe workout practices to avoid injury, improve on job performance, reduce the risk of preventative desease, and keep firefighters on-line.


Department Consultation

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4 years of experience

About Brandon Fuller

Brandon Fuller holds a B.S. in Exercise Science, Personal Training Certification (ACE), and Health Coach (ACE). He has vast experience with a wide variety of clients ranging from cancer rehab patients to collegiate athletes. In 2016, Brandon completed an internship with South Adams County Fire Department, where he developed a fitness assessment protocol, and assisted firefighters with meeting their fitness goals.

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